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More Products to Protect 
Your Chimney from Water 
& Weather Damage

Chimney caps help stop 
rain and snow from 
entering the inside of 
your chimney. We offer
a huge selection of 
styles, sizes & finishes.

Water Damage Prevention & Repair      
WEATHER causes more chimney problems than any other source

Rain and snow - plus the effects of freeze/thaw cycles - cause more damages to chimneys than chimney fires do. Weather affects various areas of your chimney and venting system. Let's look at several symptoms, and several cures.

This chimney has no mortar crown and the moisture problem is so bad that moss is growing on top of the chimney! The whole chimney has absorbed water, causing loose bricks and considerable structural damage.


The mortar crown, or wash, is a sloped bed of mortar that forces rain to run off the top of your chimney. The photo above shows a freshly laid mortar crown, sloped at the edges. We use a special mortar formula that is highly resistant to weather damage and with greater elasticity to withstand freeze/thaw cycles that deteriorate standard mortars.

This rusted chase cover is not only unsightly, it allows water leaks into the wooden chimney chase, which will lead to several other problems including rotted wood and damage to the fireplace. This builder-grade galvanized metal cover is much less desirable than a sturdy stainless steel style.


A chase pan or chase cover serves the same purpose on a chimney chase (which houses a prefabricated chimney) as the mortar crown does on a masonry chimney. However, as the years go by, weather rusts, corrodes and deteriorates galvanized flashings. We replaced this chase pan with a brand new stainless steel one, custom made for this chimney chase, which should give decades of weather protection.





It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs. Water damage has caused spalling and flaking of the bricks and deterioration of the mortar. Where moss is growing, there's plenty of water present!

Chimneys are highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, are susceptible to structural deterioration.


Chimney Saver Is your best defense against weather related chimney damage. Chimney Saver Water Repellent offers protection to all masonry chimneys, especially new ones. Just like other parts of a home, chimneys need preventative maintenance to ensure a long, serviceable life.  Chimney Saver is a water repellent ,not a water sealer. 

 Just give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange a service call to assess your chimney's water or leakage problems. You may e-mail us with any questions or fill out our Service Request form online and we will contact you to arrange your appointment details.

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