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We offer a complete selection of chimney caps too - choose from stainless steel or copper, in single flue or multi-flue designs. We also offer clay pot chimney tops and top mount fireplace dampers.




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Solving Chimney Draft Problems:
Enervex Chimney Fans

(Formerly Exhausto) 

Smoke stains above this fireplace are proof of a smoking problem. Some detective work is sometimes needed to determine the cause of the problem before it can be fixed. Soot stains are CARBON particles. If you have soot stains inside your home, you have  also had CARBON MONOXIDE fumes in your home. Soot stains are not only unsightly; they indicate air in your home has been exposed to dangerous fumes. Take care of this problem (which may not be caused by your fireplace) before using it again. Soot and carbon monoxide are a natural byproduct of burning wood, gas, coal and oil - any carbon based fuel.

What Causes Chimney Draft Problems?
Common causes include:

  • A dirty chimney
  • A chimney that's too small
  • A chimney with multiple or severe offsets
  • Very air-tight homes, which often cannot sufficient combustion air to the chimney

What's the Cure?
The cure for this irritating and potentially dangerous situation can range from small to substantial repairs. However, we often recommend an ENERVEX (formerly known as EXHAUSTO) forced air chimney exhaust fan, which comes with a manufacturer's guarantee that it will solve any chimney drafting problem.

The Enervex Chimney Fan (also known as Draft Inducer) is the ultimate solution to your drafting problems in fireplaces and stoves.  By creating a mechanical draft in the venting system, the Enervex Fan increases the capacity and efficiency of your venting system.  The Enervex Fan mounts to the top of your chimney’s flue, where it literally sucks the smoke from the flue. It is guaranteed to keep smoke and fumes from polluting your indoor environment.

Here are some pictures of ENERVEX fans we've installed for our customers. Click any photo for enlarged view.







Enervex fan in operating position






With the top tilted to view the powerful fan assembly






Installed on the trouble-some center flue of a stone chimney 


Just give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange a service call to assess your chimney's drafting problems. You may e-mail us with any questions or  fill out our Service Request form online and we will contact you to arrange your appointment details.

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