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We offer a complete selection of chimney caps too - choose from stainless steel or copper, in single flue or multi-flue designs. We also offer chimney exhaust fans and top mount fireplace dampers.









Elite Chimney offers a complete range of Masonry Chimney
Inspection, Sweeping,  Repair & Construction Services

Get more information on common masonry construction & repair terms, plus "before & after" photos of some projects for demonstration. Click any photo to enlarge.

Masonry Chimney Construction: 
Building Brick or Stone Chimneys

BEFORE: This chimney was badly deteriorated, including efflorescent stains (note the white stains on the bricks)

AFTER relining the chimneys, we refaced the exterior with the stone facing the homeowners always wanted.

Rebuilding a Chimney Top





BEFORE: an old stone chimney with 3 flues has suffered water damage and deterioration over the years. It is structurally unsound.

AFTER: we tore the chimney down to the roof line, rebuilt it with white brick, & installed a multi-flue chimney cap

Rebuilding a Chimney Top


BEFORE: the original brick chimney on this older home, shown left, structurally unsound and unsightly. We removed the chimney down to the roofline...

AFTER:  then we installed new flue tiles at the top, rebuilt it with river rock stone and installed a multi-flue chimney cap to cover all 3 flues.

Rebuilding a Chimney Top




BEFORE: these slate slabs do not serve the purpose of a chimney cap; they're not removable for access to clean or inspect the chimney


<< It appears that a roofer attempted to stop the water leaks in this chimney by applying roofing tar or plastic roofing cement (both of which are flammable). It made for an unattractive and inefficient repair.

We tore the chimney down to the roof line and rebuilt it with matching brick. We laid a proper mortar crown and installed a multi flue chimney cap to offer optimum water protection. The lid is removable for inspection & cleaning. Click any photo to enlarge.

Chimney Lining & Relining

Unlined chimneys or chimneys with damaged clay tile liners can create serious safety concerns.

We use stainless steel chimney liners as our preferred material of choice. 
Get full details.

Fireplace Renovation




BEFORE: The fireplace had deteriorated and needed to be rebuilt. The dimensions caused it to smoke into the home at times, and there was little noticeable heat

AFTER we renovated the fireplace by laying new firebrick, incorporating a sloped rear wall design that will make this fireplace produce more heat and solve its smoking problems.

Fireplace Renovation


BEFORE: Another badly deteriorated firebox, including a hole in the left side, made the fireplace in this old home dangerously unsuitable for use.

AFTER we installed firebrick, then covered that with another layer of aged brick to maintain historic appeal. The sloped firebox will perform with greater efficiency.

Chimney Crowns

BEFORE: lacking a mortar crown, this chimney has absorbed a great deal of water. It shows efflorescent stains, moss growth and loose mortar joints





AFTER: Newly laid mortar crown to prevent bricks from absorbing water; the new crown slopes at the edges to shed rain

Tuck pointing / Repointing

BEFORE: This unusual, large round stone chimney was in danger of toppling due to deteriorated mortar joints between the stones

 DURING: we ground out the old mortar joints due to overall deterioration; strength and durability would not be gained by simply covering the old mortar.

AFTER: new mortar now holds the old stones firmly in place. A new mortar crown will protect against further water absorption.

AFTER: for optimum protection, we installed a multiflue stainless steel chimney cap so rain will not enter the flues, either.

Water Damage 


This chimney has suffered considerable damage due to rain and weather. The mortar joints are deteriorating and the bricks are flaking and spalling. We recommend sealing masonry chimneys with CHIMNEY SAVER to prevent this type of damage.



CHIMNEY SAVER water repellent is sprayed onto exposed chimney surfaces.
Get more info

Chimney Inspections & Chimney Cleaning


Chimneys should be inspected annually and swept when needed. 

Learn more about chimney inspections, levels of inspection and about the chimney cleaning process -
click here for details.

Architectural Renovation


This brick chimney had been poorly designed; the brick work was mismatched and did not well suit the home's architecture.

We restyled the chimney with stones, stucco and chimney pot topper caps to accent the European cottage style of the home.

Elite Chimney Restoration & Maintenance Service, LLC offers the finest in fireplace and chimney related products to help improve efficiency, solve drafting problems, prevent rain and water damage and enhance the architectural design of your home - inside and out! We offer only the finest products, time-tested by our professional service technicians and thousands of happy customers.

Please give us a call to find out how we can make your chimney an 
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