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Terra Cotta (Clay Tile) 
Chimney Liners

My chimney has a clay tile liner -
is it safe?

Clay tile is the least expensive and least effective type of chimney liner, but it has been the standard material used in masonry chimney construction since the 1920's. Because it is porous it absorbs rain, smoke and soot stains; clay tiles are susceptible to cracks and breakage during a chimney fire, or to simple degradation after years of use and/or due to lack of cleaning and maintenance. Even if you know your chimney is lined, an annual chimney inspection is needed to know the liner is still in good condition.

Below are pictures of problems we've found during chimney inspections. Some are due to poor construction practices, some to improper maintenance and some due to chimney fires. Many deficiencies can only be viewed with an internal video/photo inspection system such as our Chim-Scan system (shown left), which also allows us to photograph and document the damages for you.


Click any photo below for enlarged view and description.

Water Damage

Poor Construction

Mortar Deterioration


 ^ Chimney Fire Damage


Some chimney damages are visible from the rooftop or from the bottom of the chimney while some are only visible with special internal chimney cameras.

Whether it's a chimney that has seemed to perform fine for decades or a brand new chimney, an annual inspection will either find a safety problem or help you rest assured that your venting system is in good condition. The photos at left show some common problems found on the inside of chimneys that may look fine from the outside. Click any photo for enlarged view and complete description.


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If you prefer, you can e-mail us with any questions; you may also fill out our Service Request form online and we will contact you to arrange your appointment details.


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