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We offer a chimney cap to fit any chimney! Choose from stainless steel or copper, in single flue or multi-flue designs. We also offer chimney exhaust fans, top mount fireplace dampers and architectural clay chimney pots.

>> See many of our available 


Single Flue Chimney Cap, 
Stainless Steel attaches to the clay tile liner

Multi-flue Chimney Cap, Stainless Steel (covers both flues and mounts to the mortar crown)

Custom multi-flue copper chimney cap with hip & ridge lid, outside mount. This cap was designed to cover the mortar crown for optimum chimney protection.


Top Mount Fireplace Damper Cap; a chain releases the top to an open position when in use; the lid closes to seal in heat when the fireplace is not in use.  >>LEARN MORE ABOUT TOP MOUNT FIREPLACE DAMPERS

Clay chimney pots add architectural interest to your home, while also solving certain draft problems where insufficient height causes poor draft  >>LEARN MORE ABOUT CLAY CHIMNEY POTS

We'll gladly come to your home to take measurements and recommend the best chimney cap to suit your needs.


Chimney caps are available in all shapes and sizes, and in stainless steel or copper.  More chimney damage is caused by the lack of a chimney cap than any other source.  A chimney cap will stop rain as well as birds and animals from getting in your chimney. Spark guards on the chimney cap will arrest sparks before additional problems occur.


Keep Critters Out!  An uncapped chimney invites wildlife into your chimney, which may also provide access to pests and insects that further invade your home. Bird nests, squirrel nests (above right, with squirrel curled up in the chimney) and fallen leaves cause blockages in the chimney, creating a fire hazard. Chimney caps with spark guard screens keep leaves from falling into your chimney and keep out nesting birds and animals.


Rain causes premature deterioration to the chimney interior (both fireplaces and furnace) and can damage metal fireboxes and dampers.  It can also erode flue tiles and mortar joints, causing them to crumble and leave dangerous cracks and blockages.

Rain has deteriorated the chimney at right; the mortar crown is cracked, allowing moisture to also erode the mortar between the bricks. The economy black cap, covering only one flue, has also caused rust stains; the other flue has been totally unprotected. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

This chimney has also been neglected for many years. There is no mortar crown to force rain water off of the chimney. The moisture problem is so bad that moss is growing on the chimney top and walls; white efflorescent stains are visible and the mortar is so badly corroded that the bricks could be removed by hand, without even using a tool. This chimney top needs to be rebuilt because of poor construction that has been accelerated by weather damage.


The multiflue chimney cap, shown at right in stainless steel, serves as a cover for two flues while also helping protect the mortar crown against water damage. The style and size also is proportionate to the chimney and compliments the architecture of the house.

Elite Chimney Restoration & Maintenance Service, LLC offers the finest in fireplace and chimney related products to help improve efficiency, solve drafting problems, prevent rain and water damage and enhance the architectural design of your home - inside and out!

We offer only the finest products, time-tested by our professional service technicians and thousands of happy customers.

Please give us a call to find out how we can make your chimney an 
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