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We also offer a chimney cap to fit any chimney! Choose from stainless steel or copper, in single flue or multi-flue designs. We also offer chimney exhaust fans, top mount fireplace dampers and architectural clay chimney pots.

>> See many of our available 


Single Flue Chimney Cap, 
Stainless Steel attaches to the clay tile liner

Multi-flue Chimney Cap, Stainless Steel (covers both flues and mounts to the mortar crown)

Custom multi-flue copper chimney cap with hip & ridge lid, outside mount. This cap was designed to cover the mortar crown for optimum chimney protection.

Clay chimney pots add architectural interest to your home, while also solving certain draft problems where insufficient height causes poor draft  >>LEARN MORE ABOUT CLAY CHIMNEY POTS


Keep Heat In: Save Energy and Stay Warm
Prevent heat loss in your home with one of our top-sealing fireplace dampers. The steel cable and spring-loaded design make it easy and convenient to use.  The tight-fitting gasketed top seals in heat, shuts out water, birds, and insects, and makes fires easier to start.  The damper mounts easily at the top of the flue tile with silicone sealant.  A stainless steel cable is lowered down the chimney flue;  bracket is mounted to the inside of the firebox and the handle is locked into place when the damper is to be closed.

Keep Out Birds, Animals & Weather 
A top mount damper offers many benefits of a chimney cap, as the closed lid keeps animals, leaves, birds and weather from entering your chimney flue.

This style top mount damper has a lid that pivots open to allow smoke and fumes to escape when the fireplace is in use.

The tightly gasketed lid, shown in the closed position when the fireplace is not in use. The top mount damper acts as a chimney cap to keep out animals and weather, plus it helps keep heated air from escaping when your fireplace is not in use. In one study, it was found that as much as 8% of a home's heat goes right out of the chimney!

Using this damper is simple; a cable extends down the chimney and connects to a metal spring handle that's easy to reach, easy to operate. Now there's no need to stick your face up inside the fireplace to open and close your damper!

The chimney at right serves both a fireplace flue and a furnace flue; if you look closely you'll see two flue tile liners extending above the chimney crown. We helped the customer choose a multi-flue stainless steel chimney cap that covers both flues for architectural aesthetics. The fireplace flue, which has a top mount damper installed, can open freely below the lid of the chimney cap.

Elite Chimney Restoration & Maintenance Service, LLC  offers the finest in fireplace and chimney related products to help improve efficiency, solve drafting problems, prevent rain and water damage and enhance the architectural design of your home - inside and out!

We'll gladly come to your home to take measurements and recommend the best chimney cap or top mount damper to suit your needs.  We offer only the finest products, time-tested by our professional service technicians and thousands of happy customers.

Please give us a call to find out how we can make your chimney an 
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